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Safa: India’s Online Abaya Store

Modest fashion is always changing to incorporate the demands of the modern world. Abayas & Burkas have come a long way in terms of design, material, and style.  So, our Abayas make of premium quality fabric making our collection not only elegant and graceful but also long-lasting and withstanding any climate condition.

What is an Abaya? 

An Abaya is traditionally a loose-fit robe that wears by Muslim women across Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar & UAE, and Asian countries likewise India, Pakistan, and Indonesia. They are traditionally black, but modern abaya takes the form of furthermore colors. It has been called by various names according to place and style. Burka, Boshiya, Chador, Jilbab, Kaftan, and are different names for Abaya says in different parts of the world according to their customs. 

Types of Abayas: 

Many women still prefer the traditional black abaya, but there are many colorful abayas available in different styles. As well as here is a list of some types of Abaya and their combinations you can find in Safa.

  • Open Abaya 

Button downed open Abaya is the modern woman’s go-to choice as it is worn as a coat, over a dress she is already wearing. They are also stylish, and trendy and give the wearer the choice to be completely closed or half-open, paired with nice jeans or formal. 

  • Closed Abaya 

Traditionally chosen by many women, the closed Abaya is a perfect option for those who don’t want to show their pants or skirts. And they come in elegant styles & flares ranging from plain to heavily designed so that you have various options to choose from. 

  • Shrug Abaya

These open abayas don’t have buttons and wear over a piece of garment underneath. Both the inner and shrug comes as a set that mismatch according to need giving various stylish options. As well as they can also come with a belt or sash to give them a more modern look. 

  • Maxi Abaya 

These Abayas have closed-Abayas that are simple and plain without flares or embellishments. Also, you can find handworked designs centered on the hand or upper body. They are traditional with a hint of modernity stitched in 

  • Gown Abaya

These Abayas have closed or open colorful abayas that have frills or laces, designed in a way to look like a gown. So they are perfect for formal occasions like weddings and parties and are growing more in demand by the younger generations of Abaya wearers. 

  • Dubai Abaya 

Dubai Abayas or Dubai Style Abayas are Abayas that have elegant stone, glitter, thread, sequence, lace, and other forms of embellished work on them. So, at Safa, you can find hand-worked designs that give your wardrobe a stylish makeover. 

  • Kaftan Abaya

Modeled after the kaftan dress style, these abayas have bell-shaped or flared arms to give them an oomph factor. Although Kaftan abayas are a fashion statement that many women make these days. And it gives the wearer an elite and more elegant look. 

Where can you wear an abaya?

Here is an open secret: You can wear Abayas anywhere & everywhere! And the comfortable and versatile nature of the Abaya makes it possible to wear on any occasion or mood. Also, you can style your abaya into: 

  • Formal Abaya
  • Party Abaya
  • Casual Abaya
  • Everyday Abaya
  • Active Wear Abaya 
  • Travel Abaya 
  • Wedding Abaya 

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