Hijab can be worn stylishly

Hijab can be worn stylishly

Today, the Hijab has become an identity of Muslim women. The Hijab often refers to the cloth that covers the head and neck. Although Islamic headscarves come in many forms. The Hijab is covering the hair but makes the face visible.

Nowadays most of the people around us wear hijab very stylishly. But many people also like to wear hijab stylishly. But today most people prefer to wear an abaya with a hijab. There are various styles to wear a hijab. But today most people prefer to wear an abaya with a hijab. The hijab is traditional but people tend to wear it trendy. But through this blog, you can see the tricks to wearing a trendy hijab with an abaya.

  1. Chest covered hijab style

This hijab style is very simple and easy. Wrap a long rectangular scarf on one side of your head longer than the other. Pin both sides of the scarf under your chin and wrap the longer side of your scarf behind your opposite shoulder. Again wrap the same side back to the front of the other shoulder. Wrap both sides of your scarf so that they cover your chest.

  1. Side-pinned hijab style

The side pinned hijab style is the easiest and most practical style for daily wear. Wrap a scarf around your head. Secure it with a ball pin to one side of your head.

  1. Hijab style without a pin

Take a long scarf and wrap it around your head once. And put one end of it over one shoulder freely.

  1. Hijab style for specs

Isn't it difficult for many people to put on specs while wearing hijab? But this is a cool hijab style for such people. When you wear specs, cover your hair with a hijab cap. And wrap your scarf loosely around your head and you can wear specs comfortably.

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