Stylish Your Abaya in Summer season

Stylish Your Abaya in Summer season

Stylish Your Abaya in Summer season

The traditional dress Abaya is becoming a modern-looking outfit in this era. But let’s take a look at how to choose the Abaya that gives this stylish look this summer.


Choose the right material:

In summer it is better to choose clothes that reduce heat. Therefore, it may not be suitable for all Abayas to wear in hot weather. So, there are different fabric materials in the market. So you can choose to Abaya wear for summer should makes by linen, cotton, Nida, or lightweight crepe. It is always best to opt for loose thin abayas like kaftan abayas. It helps to stay cool in summer. You can check differently designed Kaftan abayas in the Safa store.

Lighter colors

Most of the Abaya color is black. But various colors are available in the market, especially in the Safa Online Abaya store. Even though, the black color is more absorbing heat. So it makes it more hot and uncomfortable. So choose lighter color abayas. You can check our latest collection.


Minimal design

Most of the women like embroidered designer abayas. But, it makes feel hot in hot weather, choose minimal design abayas. That is, you will choose better to wear in the summer season with a simple design on the sleeves or neck. Minimal Embroidered design Abayas also give elegant look. And lace design Abayas also suitable in summer. Lace gives a feminine touch. 


Style your hijab

The hijab is an integral part of the abaya style. No matter how many models the abaya is, choosing the right hijab will negatively affect the overall look. So choose hijab carefully.

You can choose cool and classy hijabs in summer. Different kinds of hijabs available in the market. And you can experiment with loose pin-ups hijab style. It helps to enter breezily and not induce sweat in your scalps. It gives more comfortable in hot.

Loose layered hijab style is more comfortable and cool in summer. The loose layered hijab style is help to keep you airy and fresh. Make sure to choose suitable fabric and color. Also Silk scarves are suitable in the summer season. It’s also called the Turkish hijab. This hijab included colorful printings. These types are easy to wear and comfortable. It can wear with under a scarf or simply wrapped without any struggle.

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